The popular bookstores in Newfoundland for the real bookworms

If you are a bookworm today, you would probably be carrying your Kindle around with you all the while. And while it does make carrying books easier, it does beg the question – do we still need bookshops today?

More and more people believe that the era of bookstores is coming to an end. All the info we need can be accessed online, why go to the shop? But there are also many people who will never agree with this. (more…)

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Major Newfoundland book publishing houses

Book publishing has always been very popular. Even if some people insist that this sphere is starting to decline, it does not look like true if we take into account the great number of various publishing houses throughout Canada.

Each province has at least five of them, and with many people are trying their hands out at writing today, they have an opportunity to apply to a chosen publishing house and see their publication in print. (more…)

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5 famous Canadian writers everyone should know about

Looking to choose your next book for reading and wondering which one you should pick? While there are a good number of authors today, you might just want to try going a little offbeat and choose one written by a Canadian author.

Canadian literature is comparatively young, but it has already given the world many famous writers and poets. Who are these authors and what everyone should know about them? (more…)

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