The Lookout: A History of Signal Hill

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The Lookout: A History of Signal Hill

The Lookout: A History of Signal Hill
Creative Publishers
6 x 9
2012 D250 Award for Historical Writing Finalist
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250 pages
(c) 2011
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    For centuries, Signal Hill has dominated both the skyline of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and the hearts and minds of its residents. The Lookout traces the hill’s remarkable history as a military site and communications centre, with special attention to its most famous building, the former signaling station Cabot Tower.

    Conceived in 1897 as an expression of Newfoundland nationalism, the tower’s meaning would change drastically over the years. Those changes, however, were always in step with broader currents in Newfoundland society. Signal Hill was the site of the first  transatlantic wireless transmission by Marconi in 1901. It has also been the site of defenses for St. John’s Harbour from the eighteenth century right up to the Second World War.

    Signal Hill is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in eastern Canada.

  • About the Author

    James E. Candow

    A graduate of Memorial and Dalhousie universities, James E. (Jim) Candow has worked in Parks Canada’s Atlantic Service Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1977. His books include Of Men and Seals: A History of the Newfoundland Seal Hunt (1989) and Lomond: The Life and Death of a Newfoundland Woods Town (1998).

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