A Puppy Story

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A Puppy Story

A Puppy Story
Tuckamore Books
8 x 8
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32 pages
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  • Overview

    Laura Lou wants a puppy - really and truly.  But who knew that puppies could be so unruly?

    Laura Lou promises her Mom and Dad that if only she can have a puppy, he will have perfect manners.  Oops.  Puppy has other ideas - like snacking on the houseplants and jumping out of the tub and sliding down the hall.  Laura Lou knows that it's up to her to teach him how to be the very best puppy he can be.  Together, they learn how to change a little bundle of trouble into a perfectly mannered member of the family....well, almost.

  • About the Author

    Susan Pynn

    Susan Pynn is a professional writer, currently working in marketing & communications. She is the author of A Puppy Story (2007) and The Colours of my Home: a Portrait of Newfoundland and Labrador (2007).

  • Excerpt

    On Saturday, early ('round 7 I s'pose)

    Laura Lou felt something tickling her nose,

    And then, a wet tongue began licking her cheek.

    She jumped out of bed with a long, happy "Eeeek!"

    "A Puppy!  O thank you!  Mom, Dad, come and see!

    You did it!  You got a new puppy for me!"

    They hugged and they played until 8:34

    When, chubby and cuddly, he wet on the floor.

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