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8.25 x 11
Best Atlantic Published Book Award (Runner-up)
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32 pages
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  • Overview

    One day in the summer of 1917, Bridget Keats sees something new.  A stranger - Jake Wiseman - has come to their small Newfoundland outport.  A mysterious stranger who will not show himself, he hides away on a nearby island in the old lighthouse keeper's cottage.  No one knows for sure why.  It is Bridget Keats who must bring his food to him each day.  And it is Bridget who learns the truth of what is inside the man when a terrible storm forces Jake Wiseman to make as hard a choice as he has ever made.

  • About the Author

    Maxine Trottier

    Maxine Trottier is a prolific writer of books for young people. Born in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan on May 3, 1950, she moved to Windsor, Ontario in Canada with her family ten years later. In 1974 she became a Canadian citizen. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario.
    Maxine spent 31 years working as an educator in elementary classrooms, guiding children toward literacy. The students in her class, who of course thought of her only as their teacher, saw each step in the creation of a new work. They heard the unillustrated story, saw the roughs, and were the first to view the finished book.
    Maxine lives with her husband William and their two Yorkies, Ceilidh and Moon. They divide their year between Port Stanley, Ontario on Lake Erie, and Newman’s Cove, Newfoundland, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Both are wonderful places to write.

  • Book Review

    The climax of this tale, the poignancy and power of which are reflected in Nancy Keating's sensitive but unsentimental images, occurs when Bridget's mother is caught in her punt in the middle of the bay as a violent squall erupts. Bridget races to the lighthouse and tries in vain to light the light, but it is Wiseman who saves her by turning on the light in the lighthouse - a light whose function he has restored - offering a beacon in the storm to guide her mother home. In doing this, he reveals the full extent of his injuries to Bridget.

    -Susan Perren, The Globe and Mail

    Beyond a doubt, Nancy Keating's illustrations add to the book's attractiveness. Forget-Me-Not is as much a picture book as a story book, perhaps more so. With dimensions akin to those of a colouring book, Forget-Me-Not is roomy enough to display the illustrations in 7X7 inch panels, give or take a fraction.
    Forget-Me-Not will become a favourite book, one that will be read and looked at until it falls apart. When you stop to consider it, a beloved book becoming tattered by fond handling rather than shoddy binding is not a bad thing to happen. No, it's not.
    -Harold Walters, Book ReMarks

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