The Colours of my Home

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The Colours of my Home

The Colours of my Home
Tuckamore Books
8.5 x 11 paper
# of pages:
32 pages
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  • Overview

    Colour - it's everywhere in this amazing land of ours.  It's in robins' eggs, the sparkling sea, butterflies, and partridgeberry jam.  It's in the nature that surrounds us - and that lives within us.  This beautiful book celebrates that colour in vibrant poetry and pictures.  A joy for both child and adult, this is a homespun journey that every Newfoundlander and Labradorian will recognize as their own.

  • About the Author

    Susan Pynn

    Susan Pynn is a professional writer, currently working in marketing & communications. She is the author of A Puppy Story (2007) and The Colours of my Home: a Portrait of Newfoundland and Labrador (2007).

  • Book Review

    This book will be of interest to young children as an introduction to the most easterly province of Canada as well as reinforcing the concept of colour. While designated as a picture book this book will also have appeal for an older audience and could act as a springboard for more research into some of the aspects of province mentioned in the text. I would highly recommend this book as a purchase for school and public libraries.

    -Victoria Pennell, Resource Links

    Beautifully written and illustrated, this poetic tribute to the colours of Newfoundland and Labrador by the sisters Pynn and Keating evokes the sensory delights of Canada's "edge of the Earth" province: soft green grass, glistening white icebergs, granite grey rocks, summer skies of sapphire hue and pails of frosty blueberries. A joy for children and parents.
    -The Globe and Mail

    The sisters teamed up to write and illustrate a children's book entitled The Colours of my Home: a Portrait of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the literature definitely paints a picture of the province that both children and adults can enjoy. The 28-page story is an easy read for kids of any age with its rhyming verses and the illustrations certainly bring the author's words to life.
    -Pam Bennett, The Aurora

    Each hue is carefully related to the sights of the province, from the red of partridgeberry jam to the purple of mussel shells to the brown of toutons and "weathered hands with nets to mend, brown paper parcels wrapped to send."
    -Stephanie Porter, The Independent

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