Livyers World

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Livyers World

Livyers World
Tuckamore Books
6 x 8
2008 Bruneau Family Children's/Young Adult Literature Award (Runner-up)
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180 pages
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  • Overview

    The year is 2150. Ninety percent of the world's population has been wiped out. Civilization has evolved to accommodate various cultures. In Newfoundland, a 'livyer' culture dominates. The population is a quarter of what it was and spread out over a greater area in small 'tiltons'  - communities of people who live in the bush but travel out to the coast to trade. Viddy, the protagonist, has to learn to function in this new society, which takes pride in its mixed Inuit/Newfoundland heritage.

  • About the Author

    Robin McGrath

    Robin McGrath is the author or editor of fifteen books, including Trouble and Desire (1995), Escaped Domestics (1998), Hoist Your Sails and Run (1999), Donovan's Station (2002), Covenant of Salt (2005), and Livyers World(2007).  She has published over two hundred pieces in magazines such as Beaver, Inuit Art Quarterly, Parchment, TickleAce, Fiddlehead and Room of One's Own. 

    She is an occasional contributer to CBC Radio, has written and narrated three video scripts, had her first play staged in 2002, and is currently the non-fiction columnist for the St. John's newspaper The Telegram.

    Robin was born in Newfoundland and lives in Labrador with her husband, provincial court judge, John Joy.  She is a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Letterset Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • Book Review

    The book contains great adventure and good character development as Viddy adapts to his new circumstances. It also contains a clear and pointed ecological message and makes no bones

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