The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett

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The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett
Tuckamore Books
6 x 9
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32 pages
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  • Overview

    The oldest of eleven children, Bob Bartlett was born to a family of skilled fishing and sealing captains. Bob first tasted the thrill of Arctic adventure when he joined the Peary expedition in 1898. By walking 700 miles across Arctic ice and down the Siberian coast, Captain Bartlett saved 14 people from certain death. He faced snow-blindness, splitting ice and shipwrecks in his quest to discover the north.

    But no matter how far north he sailed, on his return voyages to his home in New York, Captain Bartlett always docked in Brigus for a few days where he enjoyed time with his friends and family in his childhood home - Hawthorne Cottage, a National Historic Site. He is one of Newfoundland and Labrador's best known heroes, and you can read about his amazing adventures in this incredible true story of courage and determination.

  • About the Author

    Susan Chalker Browne

    Susan Chalker Browne is an award-winning writer, journalist and teacher. Hey Freddy! It's Canada's Birthday is her eighth book for children. Her books Thomas Doucet - Hero of Plasaince and Goodness Gracious, Gulliver Mulligan were each named Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" selections.

  • Book Review

    Browne colours inside the outline with fictional stories of supreme heroism and bravery, just the stuff to keep a kid who wants to be a super hero himself glued to the pages. The book is comparable to a penny novel in the days of the wild American west when gunslingers roamed the land. The book has a pinch of truth - Browne sprinkles her story with actual quotes from Capt. Bob himsef - and a scoop of fantasy. And there's nothing wrong with that. Ben didn't move from my side until the book was read, which took me less than a half house. What more could a parents want?

    -Ryan Cleary, The Newfoundland Herald

    I commend Browne for her efforts in creating a historical book for beginning readers. I believe that such a book would come in handy for early elementary studies of Canadian explorers. I also appreciated that this book did more then simply chronicle Bob Bartlett's most famous expedition, but provided a sense of his lifetime achievements. I also believe this book would have appeal to young readers who appreciate adventure stories based on real people and real events. I would recommend this book for a library collection, as I believe it could be well suited to use in research work but would also appeal to the beginning reader who is seeking something beyond a fictional story.
    -Jennifer Batycky, Resource Links

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