Moose's Roof

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Moose's Roof

Moose's Roof
Jennifer Maruno
Laurel Keating
Tuckamore Books
ISBN 13:
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32 pages
March 2017
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  • Overview

    Until he found a park pavilion, Moose had never thought about a roof. His friends Beaver, Bear and Squirrel all seem to be roof experts. With their help, Moose decides to put his antlers to good use and soon, he has a roof of his own. But Moose finds that carrying a roof day and night makes him very tired and very cranky.His friends don't understand, so their advice is no help at all. Can Moose learn to be himself again?
  • About the Author

    Jennifer Maruno began her publishing career at the ripe age of eight, creating captions for baby pictures in her local town newspaper. She went on to win the grand prize of a green racing bike from Bick's Pickles for an essay on how to "pick a pickle by Bick's". Her short stories for children have appeared in a variety of children’s magazines in Great Britain, United States and Canada.
  • About the Illustrator

    Laurel Keating is an award-winning artist whose illustrations are familiar to Newfoundlanders. With an eye for detail and sympathy for all living things, Laurel brings her characters to life with warmth and humour.Children have delighted in her rich and colourful illustrations in Find Scruncheon and Touton (1 and 2), Yaffle's Journey, Full Speed Ahead: Errol’s Bell Island Adventure and Elliott and the Impossible Fish. She lives in scenic Portugal Cove, which she has called home all her life.

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