Cooking with Beer: Favourites of Newfoundland and Labrador

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Cooking with Beer: Favourites of Newfoundland and Labrador

Cooking with Beer: Favourites of Newfoundland and Labrador
Creative Publishers
6 x 9 (Spiral Bound)
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152 pages
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  • Overview

    Think beer is just for watching hockey games? No way! It’s the best ingredient to spice up your cooking and give your food that special flavour it’s been missing. Our cookbook has mouth-watering recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, meats, shellfish, pasta and even desserts. The ingredients are at your local grocery store – and you know where to find the beer. These recipes are easy to make and guaranteed to impress your family and friends. So pop open a cold one and get cooking!

  • About the Author

    Gerry Crewe

    Gerry Crewe was born and educated in St. John’s. He started in the food business at the hotel Newfoundland in 1965 and has been across Canada as well Labrador and the United States for the past 34 and a half years.
    Gerry is synonymous with the Commercial Cooking (Advanced) program. His career started at the College as a student and then after several years of industry experience, he came back to the College as an instructor. Gerry and his students managed the “Bistro” on a daily basis, which gave the students opportunities in learning the art of fine dining. His class catered to all College events requiring food service, from lunches and receptions to full-scale banqueting. His commitment to many charities is well-known. He volunteers his time for the benefit of the community. Gerry is a founding member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Chefs and Cooks, St. John’s branch and has been president for the past six years. He was Chef of the Year for Atlantic Canada in 2001 and nominated for Canadian Chef of the Year in the same year. He is a four-time winner of Chef of the Year in Newfoundland and two-time winner of the Atlantic Chef of the Year. He was nominated and selected for the Teaching Award of Excellence for College of the North Atlantic in 2004. He was privileged to be invited to accompany the 2003 World Cooks Tour for Hunger to South Africa. His professional life and his voluntary activities are dedicated to promoting his chosen profession. Gerry was well-known on the provincial, national and international scene.

  • Book Review

    Not only does Cooking with Beer contain over a hundred jim-dandy recipes but also it contains entertaining tidbits. Beer trivia, for instance. Did you know the expression "Rule of Thumb" comes from the habit of old time brewers sticking their thumbs - the dirty ghosts! - into their brew to check the temperature?
    There's cautionary advice as well. If among the ingredients of the recipe is a bay leaf or two, be sure to remove them before fisting-in. If not, you're liable to choke, especially if you've guzzled two too many beers while waiting for supper to cook.
    I'm not too proud to say that this cookbook - and to think I wasn't even going to look at it! - has taught me many things. Like what
    al dente means, and coquilles, and a la reese. I already knew calamari because, well, the novel I lodged down when I picked up Cooking with Beer has some monster squid in it described as "nasty calamari."

    -Harold Walters, Book ReMarks

    Cooking with Beer is a user-friendly cookbook. Not only does it have straightforward recipes, its spiral binding means the book will lie flat on your countertop for easy reference.
    In addition to practical chef's hints, Crewe has included a few entertaining bits of beer trivia.
    -Karl Wells, The Telegram - Dining Out

    The cookbook is chock-full of helpful hints, easy detailed recipes and beautiful full-colour photos of many traditional foods with a difference. Recipes run the gamut from appetizers and salads to meat, game and desserts - all with that special ingredient.
    -Shirley Newhook, The Telegram

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